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Drew McManus on the orchestra business

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    • Cleveland Orchestra Announces Investigation Into Sexual Misconduct Allegations
      The 8/16/18 edition of The Plain Dealer published an article by Zachary Lewis that reports on details surround the Cleveland Orchestra’s (CO) investigation into issues surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct against concertmaster William P...
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    • Shhh…Recovery In Process
      I am so looking forward to getting back into a productive work routine.
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    • #TBT Oregon Bach Fest Still Digging Up
      If the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) hoped time might soften its beleaguered status, a painstaking comprehensive review of their season written by veteran culture journalist Tom Manoff and published in the 8/13/2018 edition of Oregon ArtsWatch demonstra...
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    • Say What?
      There’s a thoughtful post from Joe Patti that goes a long way toward reminding us about the serious repetitive text syndrome problem that exists through most nonprofit performing arts fields.
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    • The Cost Of Doing Business
      It’s great to see examination of compensation and work expenses within the field expanding, to that end, the 8/9/2018 edition of Ludwig-can.com published an article by Anya Wassenberg that takes a deep dive into the expense end of classical mus...
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